Our Saturday

Well, our Saturday started like everyday - nice and early, thank you son ;-) Keaton definitely got my "early riser" (pre-baby) genes! So Zach made pancakes, we had breakfast and then headed to the Farmer's Market. We are currently (and hopefully not much longer!) using WIC and they give out vouchers in the summer to go to the Farmer's Market and get yummy fruits and veggies! We wanted to make sure we got there early to beat the crowds and the heat!

Well, we definitely beat the crowds (or missed them! haha!) but the heat...definitely caused a good number of contractions. I was in tears by the time we got home thinking today would be "d-day!" I drank up lots of water and did my best to rest between loads of laundry. Zach oh-so-kindly took Keaton out for a stroll in his "new" double stroller and to play on the playground here at the apartment complex. Later in the day, the guys made a Wal*Mart run (on tax free weekend, nonetheless! Had I gone with them, Benjamin would without a doubt be here!)
Over the course of the day, the contractions subsided, but I continued to try and rest.

We had $24 in vouchers to spend at the Farmer's Market. We got some yummy watermelon, cantaloupe, peaches, sweet corn, blueberries, squash and cucumbers...and nothing got left in the car this time! :) As annoying as WIC is (the appointments and never-ending problems when trying to check out of grocery stores!) I am so thankful for this little "treat" of free fruit & veggies.

After dinner, Zach gave Keaton a bath and they cleaned up his room and the living room and then Zach put him to bed. While I was putting away towels and sheets in the linen closet outside of Keaton's room, I heard a sweet noise. I motioned to Zach and he came over to the door - Keaton was singing to himself! He did this for about 90 seconds, and that was it. He was out for the night! So cute!!!

OK, some funny stories from yesterday & today:

1- Last night, we had Hamburger Helper for dinner. For those who know Zach, they know that pre-marriage, he lived off this stuff. Pre-baby, not much changed ;-) Post-baby, we rarely eat it anymore. And since Keaton has been eating whatever we're eating, we NEVER eat it. But, I just couldn't bring myself to fix a meal last night, so we pulled out a box of Cheesy Enchilada Hamburger Helper mix and Zach went to work cooking dinner. I didn't even think about what Keaton would eat until we were sitting down! We decided just to let him try it. He'd had taco meat before, he loves my taco bake..."same thing" (!!!) He took one look at it, stuck his tongue out and made the WORST face ever! And then...it started! The screaming! "NO NO NO!!!!" He had real tears and everything! It was amazing!!! This coming from the child who has yet to only refuse peas (again, I say, who can blame him?!) I gave him a spoon to play with, er, um...eat with...and after a few minutes, I noticed he was basically copying us! We put tortilla chips in our hamburger helper and mix it all together. Keaton was sitting there stirring up his meal and then taking a bite! It was great! He did go on to eat a decent amount :)

2- NOT a Keaton story! (gasp!) So, last night, Keaton was in bed...it was about 830pm and I was brushing my teeth getting ready for bed. All of a sudden there was this super loud banging on our front door (not that we have a back, but whatever!) I run out there with toothbrush/paste all over the place and look through the peephole - It's Brown!!! (aka: UPS) at 840pm!!!! I opened the door and the guy said, "Jones?" giving me the strangest look...ever! I nodded and he said, "Here's a package..." Had I not had toothpaste foaming out of my mouth, I probably would have said, "At 840pm??? PM??" (OK, so I'm showing how dorky we are and that we go to bed at 830 at night, but that is NOT the point of this story!) Anyone else get packages this late at night?? OH - what was it? The diaper cake I won from my BIG giveaway!!!! 3 layers of Seventh Generation, Size 1 diapers, some baby powder (that you're ...not supposed...to use....on babies...) and a brown teddy bear - super cute! :)

3- On our way to the Farmer's Market this morning, my news-nerdiness became very apparent. We ended up going a much different way than I had planned, thank you Google and your weird directions that seem to always put me in the wrong place! We were driving down this one road, looking for another road and then I see it. In all its amazing glory...WRAL news station!!! MY FAVORITE news station!!! I was SO excited, I completely missed our turn! Luckily, our turn was down that street, so I got to drive by and admire it...twice ;-)

Ok, no more stories :) That was our Saturday. Hopefully our Sunday will be a little less exciting! ;-)

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Phronsie said...

LOL! You got talc baby powder or cornstarch? 'Cos cornstarch powder is fine to use on babies, it's the talc kind that's not ok...

I'm glad you put that nothing got left in the car 'cos I read watermelon and started to wonder... ;)