My poor baby...

Is teething something fierce! Ugh. He's showing all the typical signs for him - SUPER cuddly, taking lots of naps, not wanting to eat, gnawing on his hands, spitting up, and..."lots of diapers" (email me if you'd REALLY like more detail! haha!) yesterday he was also running a slight fever, 101.2.

He was acting in so much pain, we gave him Motrin before bed to help with the pain and the fever.

Well, mama bear was up all night going to the bathroom (because I just HAD to have salty popcorn before bed (ie: LOTS of water!)) and dealing with contractions & leg cramps.

Well, about 5am, I was finally getting settled after being up since 3 dealing with all this...then Keaton starts whimpering. We let him fuss for a bit but before long he was screaming bloody murder. Zach went and got him and brought him in bed with us...This child never ceases to amaze me with his constant movement! He flopped around the whole time, even when snuggled up against Zach or me, he'd be kicking a leg or flapping an arm! haha! I love it.

However, when Zach brought him in, he was even warmer than when we put him to bed.

So, I really thought at one point he was going back to sleep. Then. It happened. He popped his head up, got about 3 inches from my face, waved his sweet little hand and said, "HEY!" And then rolled over to Zach and did the same thing. I was crying I was laughing so hard :)

Then, he settled back down and I felt the bed moving a little bit. I opened my eyes and I could see Keaton's outline and he was oh-so-quietly signing, "eat." It was hysterical. He'd look my direction and sign it...he'd look towards Zach and sign it...stare at the ceiling, then point towards the door and sign it again. He was quiet about it for about 10 minutes and then he started to verbally let us know what he wanted.

He's been semi-snugly this morning, not as warm, but I can see the tooth (I think maybe teeth) coming in...

What great timing, son...He's had it since day 1 :)

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The Monier Family said...

Poor, sweet, Keaton! I hope he is feeling better and that you all get a nap today:)

The Monier Family said...

Hey Terra! How are you today?
I hope your little man is feeling better:)

AprilSnaps said...

I hope he is feeling better soon!
i tagged you :)