You know it's an interesting day when...

You go see the chiro at 845am and she asks to see you AGAIN that afternoon!

We went in and she took one look at me and said, "He [Benjamin] is NOT in position!" She felt my tummy and said, "Oh, Terra...this isn't good..." (Not what you want to hear at basically 38 weeks!) So she did the regular adjustment and then the Webster Technique for the longest time. He was basically transverse at this point. I also told her how I was having pain when I walked around my pelvis and she fixed that real well!

Then, it was Keaton's turn. I was a little worried considering how he reacted the other day. The first thing she did was his hips and he laughed about that. Then she adjusted his spine and he really laughed about that. He wasn't crazy with her fiddling around behind his ears and he made a face, but eventually laughed about it - no tears!!! Woohoo!

So she looks at me and says, "Do you want to come back this afternoon or tomorrow?" Knowing that I have an appointment with my midwife at UNC tomorrow, I opted for this afternoon (Also, because Zach was getting off work early today and I wouldn't have to take Keaton back with me.)

So, I told her this afternoon and we head out to make that appointment. I was under "strict" orders to crawl around on all fours with my butt in the air...

We had a couple of errands to run and got home before it was too terribly hot.

I complied with Dr. Davis' orders and Keaton thought it (as usual) was absolutely hysterical. He kept trying to sit on my head or crawl under my belly. My favorite was when he put his head on the floor, looked at me and said, "HEY!" He is such a nut!

Zach got home and at 4, I headed back to the chiro. I walked in the front door and Dr. Davis was standing there waiting for me. She took another look and said, "Noooo! He's still...weird!"

So, we went back (talk about royal treatment! I wish I could go to the chiro twice EVERY day!!! wow!) and she adjusted both my left and right side (I should sleep GREAT tonight!) I told her he felt "caddy-corner." She busted out laughing and said, "Oblique?" I said, "Or caddy-corner!" :) She then did the Webster Tech. for what seemed like forever. But, after about 10 minutes, we watched this little ball roll from my left hip...to head down! Yay!!!! He knew what to do!

So, she adjusted my pelvis again just to top off the "royal treatment" and asked me to call after my appointment tomorrow morning at UNC. They close about the time we'll be getting back into the area, so she said if needed, we'll get together this weekend. I'm so thankful, 1- that we're able to do this! and 2- that there is someone in our area that specializes in this! and 3- that she is so concerned that she'll take the time out of her weekend to help me out.

Now, backing up to right before I left for my 415 appointment...

Keaton was running around, nutso, as usual...all of a sudden, I hear a smack and screaming...I turn around. Keaton has his back on the floor, staring at the ceiling and is holding his face. Zach grabs him and brings him to me. ...here's where I get dramatic... blood was pouring out of his mouth, all over Zach's shirt...ok, really, there was a tiny drop above his right tooth and a smear on Zach's shirt ;-) I had to walk out the door and leave my baby screaming. ugh.

Of course, he was fine by the time I got home. I'm still not exactly sure what he hit. I thought the window sill, but he's like a foot and 1/2 taller than the window sill...so I have no idea!

So tomorrow is another adventure to UNC...and who knows what else!

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