We found the answer!


Not sure if I should be excited, but I am really glad that we know WHAT has been bothering him!

With that being said - B is now only allowed oatmeal first thing in the morning.

He fell asleep about 815pm!

He apparently did wake up at 1130, but only took a couple sips from a bottle and went back to sleep (I never heard anything, haha!)

He did wake up at 330 and I nursed him in bed and Zach took him back when I was done. Then he woke up again at 530 - that's what he gets for not getting one last feeding in before he fell asleep - but he NEEDED that sleep!

So, he got oatmeal at breakfast and that's it for today!

SO glad to know what is going on!

2 people have shared!:

heather said...

glad you found the answer! yay!

Mrs4444 said...

How smart of you to figure it out so easily! Good for you. Linked to you today...