Icky Toe

I've had an 'icky toe' for a LONG time - we won't say how long...but, it's an ingrown toenail that I kept ignoring...

Well, the ignoring has gone on too long...and I can't put it off anymore...

I have an appt. at 1030 Friday morning to get it 'fixed'...I'm scared out of my mind...but I'm so glad I'll be back to normal after this. I loved talking with the receptionist *note sarcasm, please!* She acted like it was no big deal, since they hear about this all day long!

I have a friend from church who is a "Healthcare Advocate" and she suggested I call her tonight so she can 'ease my fears'....riiiight ;-)

I have another friend (I'm very popular, in case you didn't know! hahah!) who used to get really bad ingrown toenails all the time and has gotten regular pedicures to avoid them...guess what?! That's what I'm going to do now! haha! I deserve it, I think!

So please, keep me in your prayers Friday morning!!

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heather said...

im sure you will be just fine tomorrow! After all you have had 2 children one that was MAJOR suregery! ill be thinking of you tomorrow!

plus you have a great perk of getting pedicures now!

OBrian said...

You've had two kids and you can't handle a little ingrown toenail??? Of course, things could go horribly wrong and they amputate your leg or something. :p
Things will be fine, it will be over before you know it. You should ask for the part of the nail they cut off to take home as a souvenir!