Toe Update & great read

I had my appointment to get my toe checked this morning. It's healing great! Yay! He seemed to act like it's healing quicker than he anticipated, which is good! I even wore real shoes to my appointment...I kicked them off within 1 minute of walking in the door - I just hate. shoes.! But it was...interesting to wear them again! I'll still be wearing my Crocs and flip flops everywhere, as much as I can! :)

I forgot to share this last night! Time Magazine just published an article on (the greatness of) VBACs and (the problems with) repeat c-sections! The wording was a bit 'off'...but I'm just so glad to see VBACs getting some positive press! I know mine was ...amazing :)

I have to clean house...Bebe is coming! Bebe is coming!!!! :)

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