B's 6 Month Appointment

he did great...Keaton...made me want to crawl in a hole. He spent the better part of an hour on the floor kicking and screaming...for no reason...just because he could. I think it's worth it to hire a sitter for any upcoming appointments.

Benjamin got the rotavirus oral vaccination and the pentacel (DTaP, Polio and HIB combo). He puckered his lip and then smiled at the nurse! With his fat thighs, I'm certain he didn't feel too much!

He is 28.75in and weighs 21lbs6.8oz...both 97%...his head is 43.6cm (40%) - where Keaton always was with length and head size - except K didn't weigh this much til about 14 months, haha!

He's doing perfectly developmentally (according to the ages and stages form). She said we could introduce a cup with water in it at meal times...

And that was that!

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ronandwhit said...

I still can't believe he's 6 months old!