6 months!

I can't believe it has been 6 MONTHS since my lil sugar lump was born!!!

He's huge. I had a lady in the bathroom at church this morning, while I was changing his diaper, ask if she could chomp on his thighs - this wasn't weird to me because I think about eating him everyday! haha! :) He is quite a chunk and I love it!

He's so far had oatmeal, bananas and avocados. Sweet potatoes will enter the menu tomorrow, followed by apples. The boy loves to eat :)

He's getting very active on the floor, but not crawling yet (whew!) Last night, he looked like a break dancer spinning around on his belly and scooting everywhere!

He still loves screeching...it's still loud ;-)

He's getting the "mmmm" sound down perfectly, and the other day, I opened the pantry and he said, "Oh!" haha! :)

He loves flirting with the ladies, batting those gorgeous eyes at them and showing off his two front teeth!

So far, it's only those two, but I keep having VERY vivid dreams about there being more...and those more...hurting me ;-)

He still loves his jumperoo. He is more 'content' if I walk away now (which is wonderful!) He loves playing on the floor with Keaton (or I should say, Keaton loves playing on the floor with him!)

He's in Medium, but could sometimes use Large, cloth diapers (size 4 in disposables) & wearing 12-18 month clothing.

So, that's the latest on my sugar lump :)

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heather said...

Happy 6 months Benjamin! I can't believe its been that long either! yikes...and he wears the same size diapers as my 2 yr old...med. in cloth though!

Terra Jones said...

lol - yeh, he & K wear the same size in disposables, lol :)