22 months

In two months, my baby will be 2 years old! I can't believe it!

Let's see...

He continues to add new words to his vocabulary everyday - and everyday I'm amazed! A sampling of his new favorites include:
Tuck (truck)
Stuck (when he gets in the Bumbo NOT designed for his porker brother)
Iccc (if you can say "ice" without the E sound, you've got it!)
Lo (color)
Teee (tv - bad mommy!)
Jump (for the Jumperoo)
He tried to say "sketty" the other night, but after about 3 tries, gave up - it's hard!
Benj-man (We're slowly moving away from saying "B"!)
Dum (drum)
Sirt (Shirt - could be worse, right??) ;-)
He uses ball to refer to the Wii, because we play bowling and tennis so much! haha!

He can point out: head, nose, eyes, mouth, teeth, chin, ears, hair, legs, belly, feet, chest, toes, hands, fingers and knees ...oh and Lap!

He knows lots of animal noises, my favorite being a "bear" - he makes 'claws' and says, "arrrrr" ...pirate bear? (that or mommy needs to learn animal sounds before teaching them!)

We're working on a letter each week - we've done A, B, & C...He can recognize A & B...After that, letters are "no". He counted to 2 on his own tonight while eating spaghetti at dinner (I can get him to 3 w/ prompting, but Zach & I were talking and he goes, "1.....2...." I said, "Then..." He said, "NO" haha) As you can tell, "No" is still the word du jour.

He loves puzzles. We have a basket full and this kid could entertain himself for days doing them.

He adores his brother beyond belief (still! yay!)

He's becoming a picky eater, but the 'pickiness' changes day to day - making it a tad frustrating, but atleast he won't eat JUST nuggets or something! He still would rather eat fruit & veggies over anything else any day (not sure he's really our child haha!!)

We're preparing to move him into a 'big boy bed'....a transition I'm dreading, but I'm tired of stressing over if he is going to climb out of the crib and if he's going to hurt himself in the process. Since he's a HORRIBLE napper, I start to worry if he takes a longer than usual nap - did he try to climb out and he got hurt? Should I open the door and chance waking him up if he is OK?...it's annoying. We're blessed and were given a crib for Benjamin so we didn't have to make this transition earlier than now, but, I'd love to keep him in that crib for another year just to avoid the drama associated with it (on the other hand - I found fabulous bedding! haha)

Not sure of weight/length and all that - we'll go in April for his 2 year check up.

He loves his Sunday school class. I still wish he could sit through any part of the service, but since Zach plays every other Sunday and I already have B attached to me, I'd be hard pressed to keep them both entertained! I'm hoping around his 2nd birthday we can start with the worship portion and slowly, each week work more and more of the service in....At the same time, he LOVES his Sunday school class! He doesn't even say bye anymore (which is sad, but atleast he isn't screaming for 5-10 minutes because we left) and it's good for him to have the interaction with kids his age.

That's about all I can think of at the moment...

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heather said...

sounds like he is doing great! hope the bed transition goes well for you...i was dreading it and it was nothing to even worry about!