crummy feeling Keaton

Wednesday night, K started running a fever around 102. He woke with it still above 102 on Thursday morning. He camped out on the couch all day - he didn't touch a single toy all day (normally our apartment looks like a tornado came through...every. single. day.) Around 4pm, I took his temp because I couldn't even touch him and it was 104. I got him in a warm bath and called the nurses line at our pedi's office. Apparently, they take you seriously when you call with a fever (Their policy is they have an hour to call you back. I normally get the call at 58 minutes...they called back within 5 minutes this time!) Basically, she said they wanted to see him if the fever remained that high. We were able to keep it around 102 overnight and this morning it was down to 101.7.

He's been running around dumping out his toys all morning...

I think he's doing better ;)
My friend, Whitney, had her baby at 8:41pm Wednesday night!!!! She was letting this pregnancy be a surprise and she had a GIRL!!! She named her Sophia Grace (Sophie) :) She was 8lbs3oz and 20in long! According to Whitney, she has dark, wavy hair - just like her mama's beautiful hair! There were a couple of complications and Sophie is in the NICU but continually doing better :) They would appreciate your prayers, greatly!
Tomorrow, we have our 2nd freezer meal swap! I'm so excited for it!

The meals being swapped this time are:
For Group1 -
BBQ Chicken
Beef & Bean Enchiladas
Beef Taco Skillet
3 Cheese Chicken Pasta Bake
Calzones (made-to-order)

For Group2 -
Pork Chop & Apple Casserole
Beef Noodle Casserole
Marvelous Mini Meatloaves

I think that's all the updates from this end!

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heather said...

congrats to your friend and prayers sent! hope keaton feels better soon! have fun at the swap tomorrow!