A new week

Saturday night (the night we started solids) was HORRIBLE to say the least! B never really went to sleep until about 3am or so...and then was up with K at 6am (which is out of character for him, as well).

We went to church, but spent the rest of the day at home (minus a fabric run for me!) waiting for the big game!

I made my chili and we devoured that!

During the game, I got my etsy shop up and running! It's dinky now, but there will be more to come very soon!!!

Last night (Sunday night) went SO much better! B did wake at 1 and then 540ish to nurse...The 1am was no big deal...and 540, I just nursed him in bed and we all went back to sleep until 7...very nice!

K climbed out of his crib again today...I am SO not looking forward to putting him in a 'real' bed...but, it has to happen sometime!

I have some long weeks ahead as Zach is now full swing into this semester. He's gone from roughly 730am - 930pm(ish) 3 nights a week...whew! It makes for long days!

K is doing a bit better with his congestion and all - we haven't had to do a breathing treatment since Thursday morning (I think!) so that's good! He's just snotty (lovely, huh?)

I think that's about it for now...nothing super exciting...

2 people have shared!:

Steph said...

yeah for your site!!!!!!

heather said...

my dh is gone 3 nights a week as well and it does make for long days! i would think i would be used to it now...but not so much!

hope k feels better soon!