Bananas & the Sleep Saga

Benjamin had something other than oatmeal today.

Backing up (and buckle up - this doesn't 'flow' as smoothly as I'd like). We started solids (oatmeal) about a week ago because B continued to wake throughout the night after having been sleeping through the night for MONTHS. We were hoping this was our answer to more sleep. Alas, it's been the opposite. If anything, we've been getting LESS sleep. Way. Less. Sleep.

I was a tad hesitant to use the HappyBellies oatmeal because of the probiotics but, it sounded so great (and IS!!!!) (in case you don't click back to see my post, or can't find it - I think it's just a one sentence blurb...I'm NOT AT ALL against probiotics! We were giving them to B when we were dealing with thrush and it seemed to really upset his tummy (or just him in general). He'd be PERFECTLY fine if I didn't give him any. If I DID give him some, he'd be a mess that night and not sleep, but stay up and scream most of the night).

But, the more B eats the oatmeal the less he sleeps and the more he's up at night fussing! It's to the point where we deal with the fussing by nursing him (ie: me nursing him) and Zach giving him a bottle...then at 3, Zach just brings him in our room and lets him sleep on him and then I nurse him at 530 and we get another hour or so of sleep. By doing this, so it stays quiet, I'm sure we've 'created a monster' and made B think this is OK...well, it's not.

So tonight, we get mean. B gets to Cry It Out (CIO). If I felt there was something, anything wrong with him, this wouldn't be happening. I have known everytime either has had an ear infection. I can tell when they're sick. It's not a growth spurt (I can go pat his butt for 3.2 seconds and he's back to sleep....until I walk away). He just wants to be near us. And that's fine....but we aren't sleeping that way.

So we're starting that...

And we also gave him less oatmeal today too in hopes that this helps. He got it at breakfast. Lunchtime, we were out with family so he didn't get it then, and then at dinner, we gave him bananas, which he loved - who wouldn't?!

I admit, it was so wonderful to "make" his food (again...not that I've made HIS food before, but I did Keaton's) Granted - I started with the easiest - mash add water (no breastmilk on hand since piggy has drank every drop I've ever pumped....so much for my stash!) stir, watch baby go ...bananas (har har!)

Of course, we forgot a picture....chalk it up to being beyond exhausted...

So...wish us luck tonight!