20 months!

I cannot believe my Sweet Pea is 20 months 'old'!!!

What a busy 20 months he's had, too! :)

Here's a funny conversation that happened on our way home from church yesterday:

Me: Keaton, did you have fun?
K: Ge-uh (yes...from here on out "yes")
Me: Did you color?
K: "yes"
Me: Did you sing songs?
K: "yes"
Me: Did you kick the ball? (when I dropped him off in his class, he immediately went for the ball and was kicking it)
K: Ball??
Me: Yes, ball, did you kick it? (We were at a light and I turned to look at him)
K: (starts kicking like he would a ball!)
Me: Did you play with the kitchen?
K: "yes"
Me: Did you (at this point starting to wonder if he understands more than I give him credit for!) play outside (it was 40 and super windy, they BETTER not have gone out!)
K: (laughing) "Nooooooo" (!!!)
Me: Did you listen and obey your teachers? (Another light, so I turn around)
K: (BIG grin) Noooooo

We got home and I went to get his sippy out of his bag...what was in there?

A picture that he colored!!

He cracks me up all day long (and makes me feel like pulling my hair out, too!)

He definitely has a temper and is very strong-willed. Before B was born, we bought Dobson's Strong Willed Child. We also bought Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child to prepare for sleeping issues with B. I spent my time reading the sleep book...B has slept great (usually!) so now it's time to get back to SWC :)

He's wearing mostly 2T clothes now - for the length, NOT for the waist (though, as long as he's in a cloth diaper, the waist usually isn't an issue)

This child may look like Zach, but definitely has my cleaning tendencies! We cannot go any where with him picking up (most) his toys. According to his Sunday school teachers', he is the only child that cleans up before leaving (but I'm sure he's the child that dumps out ALL the toys too!)

So, after Christmas, I start planning the 2nd birthday party. I have some great ideas up my sleeve :)

On the Benjamin side of things, we did a 'faux' weigh-in last night...I stand on the scale, see how much I weigh, then Zach hands B to me and we (he) does the math to see how much B weighs....

18.5 is the number we came up with!!! 18.5 POUNDS! The child isn't even 4 months yet...Today he is wearing this onesie. This EXACT onesie. The one K wore 8 days before his 1st birthday!!! Now, it's not THAT snug on B, but it is definitely NOT loose on him! (I'll get a picture before the end of the day....or before he spits up all over it) ;-) Guess we'll have to find a new UNC onesie before basketball season is in full swing!!

No rolling yet (yay! haha!) He is starting to LOVE peek-a-boo (if he's anything like Keaton, which he is apparently, not, but, if he is, he will LOVE this game for a long time!) I've gotten a couple of giggles out of him. But he is definitely still our serious baby :)

We go back on the 22nd for his 4 month check up and we'll get an official weight/length check then :)

Well, things need to get done!

Happy 20 month-day, my Sweet pea!!!!!

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