How tired are we?

Zach and I often chat on Google chat in the evenings. He takes B back to our bedroom and gets him to sleep while I clean, blog, fold laundry, etc...

Tonight, B was exceptionally fussy.

After some time, it was pretty quiet. I was hoping that he had indeed fallen asleep and soon, I would be following suit.

I sent Zach a message trying to ask him if B was indeed asleep and here is the conversation that followed:

Terra: How is her?
No, not her, he?

Zach: Nope


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Phronsie said...

LOL! I can sympathize with exhaustion, I'll BZ all about our night last night...

I think the only time we've ever Google chatted was when he left me at my parents house when I was pregnant with Xavi so that he could deep clean the apartment.