4 months

Well, silly me posted pictures instead of talking about B yesterday! He turned 4 months! How quickly this time has passed!

He is usually a very happy baby (compared to K up until this point!) He loves "talking" - he jabbers all day long! He is super smiley and makes me melt with every gummy grin! He is trying so hard to roll over (I'm not encouraging it!) He loves his toes (who doesn't?!) He loves chewing and sucking on his hands. He still would rather be in the wrap snuggled up next to me than any other place (and I would rather that too!)

He's been sleeping thru the night since about 6 weeks (minus the snafu with HFM and a few days after...) He just doesn't like to nap (taking after Keaton)

He loves being in his jumperoo and jumping and making the silly thing make all sorts of noises.We've had to move it up to the 2nd level - we're not sure if it's because he's that long or if it's his weight weighing it down (I'm not kidding!)

He loves his big brother and watches everything he does (and laughs when K gets into trouble! hhahah!)

We go on Monday for his 4 month check up and 2 vaccinations (1 shot and 1 oral) ((I promise soon, I'll write about what we're doing and why!)) I'm SO excited to see how much he weighs, I really do feel our scale was pretty accurate in saying 18lbs....we shall see!

So that's my baby at 4 months! I could eat him :)
On the mommy front, I'm just about done with Christmas. I've been busy doing a lot by hand this year and it's been so much fun.

To go along with my peppermint marshmallows I "made" peppermint all purpose cleaner! I bought some 7th Generation All-Purpose cleaner and some peppermint essential oil. In a separate spray bottle I poured 4 oz. of cleaner and a bunch of drops of oil. I shook it & started cleaning...ahhhh, Christmas on my counters! yummmmmy!

I can't wait to show off some of my hand made goods, but not til after Christmas!!

I was also accepted to write for another blog, 24 hour menu. It's a recipe blog that I really enjoy reading. I'm super excited about this! I've really been enjoying coming up with ideas and writing for {busy mommy} as well.

Time to throw dinner in the oven! Til next time

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Clair said...

Ooo oooh the peppermint marshmallows sound great but time consuming, how long did they take? Clair

Terra Jones said...

well, I did read all the way through the directions before I started. You have to let them sit for 2 hrs....so I ended up letting them sit over night.

Up to that point...maybe 45 mins?

& then 15 mins or so to cut them up & "sugar coat" them :)

time consuming but soooo yummy :)

Joanna said...

Sounds like a yummy cleanser! Congratulations on the blog writing!