Fort Raleigh

Yesterday I attempted to make a fort for Keaton. He didn't really grasp the sit beneath & play concept - more enjoyment was had running beneath and pulling it down. After the 167th time of putting the sheet back up, the fun was winding down :)

I need some toddler fort tips, mamas???

Of course, just sitting on the chair next to it is just as good :)

Sorry for the poor quality, but, judging by the leg, I think we will be retiring the swing soon....

Zach's parents got these PJs for Keaton. I was worried that they wouldn't fit. They just barely did...I just thought his pose was hysterical....

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Joanna said...

Love the jammies pose! As far as I can remember from my sister being a toddler, the importance of a fort is it's sturdiness. We used to make her forts out of mostly the couch cushions - that might be less run-through-worthy than the sheet. Good luck, I'd love to hear the tips as well!