Nothing Like Waiting til the Last Minute

As you know (or have learned) I love college football. I'm in a yahoo pick 'em group with a dear friend, her husband and a bunch of other people. I'm currently tied for 3rd place and, if you asked Zach, rather prideful of this position :)

As you may also recall, my laptop has been sent away to be fixed (not "Bob Barker" fixed...repaired!) so I'm having to use Zach's.

My laptop had all my important bookmarks across the top - kellymom, my chiro, my pedi (not linking these for privacy reasons!), craigslist and {busy mommy} to name a few. Well, also in that toolbar was the simple letters "YFB" - Yahoo! Football...my reminder to make my picks each week.

Normally these picks need to be made by 12noon, Thursday. 9 times out of 10, this is the deadline.

I'm talking to my mom and we're talking about football...then I remembered - MY PICKS!!!!!!! I did not make my picks this week!!

I can't breathe, I'm almost in tears as I'm frantically trying to remember my password remember - I have it bookmarked for easy access!!) I remember and I scroll to week 14...what do I see?

Deadline: Friday Dec. 5, 2008; 7:55pm...

What time is it??? 7:46pm!!!!


I've never clicked my picks so quickly!

My mom commented that I was taking my sports too seriously...but I'm tied for 3rd place!!!! Missing this week would have ruined that!

Now... Roll Tide! :)

4 people have shared!:

The Jenkins said...

You are too funny, but don't we all get that way about football!! :-d GO HOKIES!

So I just have to know who did u pick, BC or VT??

Terra Jones said...

haha, what do you think?

OK, I picked BC b/c they were ranked and Tech isn't...that was my ONLY reason for picking BC ;-)

See you tomorrow!

Terra Jones said...

Let me clarify - they weren't ranked in the yahoo picks ;-)

Angela said...

You're too funny! And I totally know the feeling!