Yes, Drill Sergeant!

That's not what I've taught Keaton to say...I feel like I need to say it to him! I'm so glad that Keaton knows what needs to be done during our day (before we go anywhere, when we come home, etc...) But I wish he could grasp the fact that I am merely 1 mama, with 2 hands, moving as fast as I possibly can with 2 children underfoot.

Before we left for this chiro this morning, this is what played out.

Me: alright, Keaton, let's get socks & shoes on
K: shooooes!!!
Me: Yes, sweet pea, grab your shoes
K: (they were on the floor next to him, he picked up one & screamed "shooooe!")
Me: Yes, get your other shoe
K: "Hmmm" (complete w/ finger next to the mouth as if he's pondering one of the great mysteries of the world...
Me: Keaton, it's behind you - turn around...
K: (he begins spinning in circles)

Meanwhile, I put Benjamin in his car seat...

K finally sees his other shoe and is sitting on the couch screaming "SHOOOOOOE" at me...

I grab Keaton's socks put them on him and get his shoes on

I start to look for Benjamin's blanket to drape over him

K is screaming "LIIIIIIIIII" and pointing at our "Christmas tree" - the lights were still on

"Yes, Keaton, I'm getting there, I'm looking for Benjamin's blanket..."

I find the blanket, and I hear, "LIIIIIIIIIIIIIII" again

I run around & unplug the lights

I hear, "Jaaaa...Jaaaaa" (jacket)

"Yes, Keaton, I will get your jacket...hang on mommy needs her glasses and phone..."

I get my glasses, stick my phone in the back pack

I get K's jacket, put it on him...

"DREEEEEEEEEEE" and he's shaking his sippy

"Yup, we need your sippy, take it to the bookbag..."

He instead feels the need to bring it to me - I'm trying to round up mail to drop off on our way out.

I take his cup and stick it in the bag with the mail

At this point, he's shaking the handle on B's carseat screaming "Uhhhhh" (up)

"Yes, Keaton, it needs to go up..."

I start to put it up and he runs to the door, "Edy! Edy!" (ready)

At this point, I sit on the floor and ask K to come to me..."Edy!!!!"

"No, Keaton, come here now please...."

At this point, I try to explain that mommy is going as fast as she can and I thank him for being a big helper in getting ready...

We head to the chiro...which went great until time to walk out into the parking lot - a nice little melt down with sympathetic smiles from all the patients there (ugh)

We head to a friends' house to get a couple items we were borrowing and he has a MELT down while we're there (sorry, again, Kristen!!!) I put K back in the van, he starts smacking B's car seat base screaming, "B!!!!!!!!!!!!" Yes, sweet pea, Benjamin's seat goes there...

I drive thru McD's and get lunch.

I get 2 nuggets in his belly before we get to the apartment. (this is typical and he knows he'll get the rest of lunch when we get inside) We walk in the door and it begins again....

"JAaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" trying to take off his jacket....I get it off for him

"Eaaaaaaaaaa...eaaaaaaaaaaa" (signing eat) "No, waiiii....SHOOOES"

I again sit on the floor and take K's hands and say, "Sweet Pea, I am moving as fast as I absolutely can! I know you want to finish your lunch...." "EAAAAAAAAAA"....."Yes, you want to eat, but you need your shoes off...." "SHOOOOOOOOOOOES" "Yes...Which would you like? To eat? Or Take your shoes off?"

He seriously thought for about 1.565332221 seconds and said, "Shoes, peeese"

I couldn't help but laugh at that. "Ok, sweet pea, we'll take off your shoes..."

Shoes off...."Ea, peese"


I get him set up to finish the nuggets...


"Yes sweet pea...

(pointing to the tree) "liiii"


"Oh, you're right Keaton, I need to turn the lights on..."

Where in the WORLD does he get this OC behavior (hmmm....) ;-)
This mama got a much needed night out tonight!

No, I didn't go to O'Charley's and get the Cotton Candy Cosmo I've been eyeing since before Thanksgiving. No I didn't go bar hopping with friends.

No. I went ALONE To Joann Fabrics and Michael's. ALONE! Oh how nice it was to be ALONE for a bit!

Of course, as soon as I walked in the door, I saw Benjamin and couldn't stop gah-gahing over him for about 15 minutes :)
Now for some observations from the night.

Oh kind cashier from Joann's. I'm sorry you have to wear that hideous "no sew" scarf (no offense to "no-sew" wearers...but hers was AWFUL), a Santa hat, listening to Christmas music by the door that keeps opening all day long. But that is really no reason to get an attitude with me.

To the employee's of Michael's. Thank you for your attempt to help us reach items that are 15+ feet off the floor with the large ladders, but really, is there no better place to keep them but in the middle of every single isle?

And to the teenagers at Target tonight. Thank you for calling me a 'nobody.' I appreciate you wanting to wait until "ain't nobody 'round" before talking trash about the girl who awkwardly smiled and said hi to you, obviously recognizing you from school, but I still heard your conversation...wish I hadn't.
Other than all that, it was nice ;-)

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The Pitter Patter Boutique said...

LOL! It's like I've met my twin! :-) Great post and oh how I miss O'Charley's. Cute little one's.

The Chilsons said...

Did I mention you make me smile! Your blog keeps me laughing.

Kristen said...

You are too funny! And no worries. Meltdowns happen frequently around here.