Our Weekend in Pictures

Why is Keaton so excited???
Paul Bunyan visited our home this weekend!!! Ok not really, we got a tree though! A really, really ridiculously short tree!

Keaton enjoyed eating sand tarts, the best cookies ever.

Here are the Peppermint Marshmallows.

It wasn't all fun and games this weekend though. Keaton normally takes off for the apartment after getting out of the van. My mom said, "Should he hold your hand?" I said, "He normally doesn't." He plopped on the ground. He hopped up. Fell right back down...Now he looks like he visited Fight Club. (Dr. Davis, I'll have him in to see you soon, haha!)

2 people have shared!:

Phronsie said...

We have a short tree too. It's all of 3 ft tall and all our ornaments are too big, LOL!

OBrian said...

The picture of K behind the tree is awesome. I love his expressions! The picture of Zach with the tree is just hilarious!