This lil piggy...

Well, yesterday was very productive. Zach had one more vacation day left for the year, so he took it yesterday (since Tuesdays are our long days - he leaves first thing in the morning and doesn't get home until around 945pm) Anywho. It really allowed me to get a lot done (I never get things done on the weekend because of football!)

I was able to make dinner (which is, almost (haha), always a given) - I made BBQ chicken in the crock pot and, if I may say so, it was the best BBQ I've ever had! I made a couple batches of waffles to put in the freezer for breakfast meals. And I was finally able to sort through Benjamin's clothes and put away what doesn't fit and find in a sea of boxes, what would.

Needless to say, my sweet, precious 3.5 month old is wearing what Keaton wore when he was 6 months old!!! (6-9 mos clothing) I even had him in 6-12mos PJs last night and they were snug!

Can we all say it together now - chunky monkey!!!! I can't get over all of B's rolls and his 4 chins and chunky cheeks - I just want to eat him up! It's not that he's just a chunk, either - he's long. When K lays on the floor next to him, B isn't much shorter than K!

I need to go. K wants to read his X-men Book :)

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The Chilsons said...

Don't you just love having things in the freezer to pull out when you want! That has been super fun for me! Enjoy your waffles.