The blog "year"

On Sept. 1st, I started using Google Analytics to 'track' who came to this blog, from where, what they looked at, how long they stayed, etc...Not for really any other reason other than I was bored and thought it'd be fun!

Here are some interesting facts:

Since 9.1.08, I have had 1,512 unique visitors! And a total of 5,657 visitors!
4,087 of my visitors came from the United States. Canada, South Korea, Australia and the United Kingdom rounded out the top 5!

My top 5 most popular posts have been:
#5 - Menu plan Monday
#4 - The post I did on Cloth Diapering
#3 - My Bloggy Carnival Giveaway
#2 - My 200th Post Giveaway
and #1 - My main page

The day with the highest traffic day was Oct. 29, 2008. I didn't post on that day, but it was during the Bloggy Carnival Giveaways, so I'm thinking it was due to that.

The top 5 search words or phrases were:
#5 - 'giveaway'
#4 - 'journey picture'
#3 - 'free cloth diapers'
#2 - 'unc midwives' (an astounding 14 visits just for that alone!)
and #1 - people simply typed in 'the jones journey'

Branching off of the keywords, here are my favorite keyword searches that brought readers to my blog (I wonder, did they stay??)

*oddly enough, 2 people found our family blog my searching for IHOP's new pancakes (I take that back, in reading through the list I found 9 more searches for IHOP panckaes!)

*I want to know what was found when typing "box on the wall" + "chiropractor" (for the record, I tried and never found our blog!)

*Another favorite - "rat tail" hair -comb -gray

*I want to say congratulations to the person searching for "Contractions are 2-5 minutes apart and 45-60 seconds long" - hope you made it in time! ;)

*Also, congratulations to the one searching for "how to get a UNC medical records number" - hope you had better luck!

*I feel for the person searching "nonstop nursing in the evenings"

*Person searching for "how to find some me time" - did you?? Do share!

*"terra post chunky house call nurse" is definitely one of my favorites!

*I wonder if we have a 'twin' family out there, do share if you found me by searching for "the screaming tunnel"

*UNC was a popular topic, adding to the midwives, medical records number search was:
~health care my record
~hospitals birth stories
~walk-in clinics
~midwife birth story (sorry to let you down on that one!)
~midwife reviews (They are AMAZING!)
~midwives appointments
~midwives VBAC (DO IT!)
~women's hospital clinic B

And finally,
*Wish I would have searched for "Walgreens drive thru how does it work?" before going myself!

Thanks for sharing the year with us! :)

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OBrian said...

interesting....and oddly funny. :)

Happy New Year!