Fun night! (& weekend!)

Bebe was in town again! She made a semi-last minute trip so we could do some "baking." We actually made Peppermint Marshmallows*. The original plan was to make them for us and maybe give some out, but at the last minute, I decided to take them to the worship teams' Christmas party tonight.

But, a tragedy happened in the midst of the baking (no real BAKING was involved with the marshmallows)...my stand mixer died :( It was a sweet and generous wedding gift from my co-teachers when I was teaching at a pre-school in Roanoke when Zach and I got married. (What a sweet surprise that shower was...They tricked me into thinking it was an end of the year picnic...and it was really a kitchen shower for me...love those ladies!) Anywho. Long story short (b/c I'm VERY tired) my mixer started smelling bad...and then got really hot...and then...that's all she wrote :( My mom felt really bad and even bought me a new one today. It's one that I've been eyeing for a VERY long time because you can get awesome attachments for it to make pasta and to grind food, among other things! I'm excited to find a reason to use it! :-D Shouldn't be too hard!

We did a teeny bit of shopping at Archiver's. I have a special project up my sleeve that I plan on showing off here soon!

And tomorrow, I hope to show off the new addition to our apartment!!! It was a hard find, but so fun!

Tonight, we had the Christmas party at the church for the worship team. So I took the Peppermint Marshmallows and a yummy dessert. Both were a hit (and of course, my dessert making ego has been stroked once again as everyone gah-gahed over my treats!)

We had a friend from church stay here at the apt. with Keaton (since he goes to bed at 6 and the Christmas party didn't start until 7 - he is NOT pleasant when he doesn't get his sleep!) and we took Benjamin with us. Shanna, who was one of our doulas, was thrilled to see and hold Benjamin the majority of the time (and I of course, didn't mind the extra hands!) I got to talk with other adults (gasp!) and get to know a couple of people that I didn't really know before (even though we're "friends" on Facebook! haha!)

Well, this is one tired mama. I must go get some sleep! I need to start on some more Christmas gifts tomorrow!

*Checck back for the Peppermint Marshmallow recipe

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