Our weekend

I feel like it has just flown by! I'm not even sure what all happened, except we just stuffed ourselves with my chili. We pretty much finished Christmas shopping. I swear, next year, we will NOT wait this long. It's driving me batty!

Keaton said some new words this weekend...
"gotcha" :)
Unfortunately, I can't remember the rest right now :)

Benjamin is super close to rolling over! I have to stop cheering when he's so close, it keeps scaring him (OK, I'm getting excited and ok with this milestone!)

This week, we will finish up Christmas shopping, have Benjamin's 4 month appointment (see below) and we'll head to VA for a quick, Christmas celebration on Friday. whew.

Picture Time!

Yes, you're looking at this picture the correct way. B thought this was comfy. How do I know? He slept for an hour like that?? (Dr. Davis - are you wondering why he won't nurse on one side?! haha!) P.S. - Check out the thigh rolls....love it!

Zach practicing for Sunday morning service...sorry, "practicing"

Not sure what was above him as the tree is only a couple inches taller than he is, but I love the look of amazement :)

I was trying to be creative...eh...not so much

I think "TAAAAIN" (train) was coming from his mouth...I think...?

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Joanna said...

Beautiful pictures! I agree with not waiting this long to finish Christmas tasks next year... but then I say that every year.