Our Christmas Morning

I started off the morning making a cheater's version of these. I didn't make them from scratch, I used canned bread sticks....sue me ;-) I did make the drizzle for it...fo rizzle.

Ok, so daddy got K dressed...he's in a Halloween shirt...on Christmas morning...That's what you have to do to keep up with the Jones'!

Keaton woke up very early (I'll explain in a minute) and by 7am, had played with "All" his gifts. By 8am, he had a CD punched into his face trying to grab it out of Zach's hands and by 11 had run into a wall or door...I forget how many times. Poor kid. We had to start breathing treatments last night and he was awake most of the night with a wheezy-cough. I'll be taking him in first thing tomorrow morning before we head out of town.

K digging into his stocking - Teething biscuts and lots of Mega Blocks (don't tell him it was only half the pack - he gets the rest for his birthday!) :)

Clipo, Clipo, Clipo...He got SO excited every time this commercial came on TV...

Today consists of cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning for me. I refuse to come home to a dirty house Sunday night!

I made out like a bandit this Christmas :) I got a craft mat and rotary cutter, as well as a paper cutter. I got a Sugarland CD, $20 in iTunes cards, a cookbook, some yummies from Bath & Body Works and 2 wristlet keychains from JimmyPickles. Yes, it was a fun morning... (and I'm probably forgetting something, sorry honey!)

Here's B enjoying his Christmas toy - the ONLY toy for his age left at Target by yesterday afternoon....(well, that he didn't have... there were 2 others, but no sense in having duplicates...) Look at the pudgy hands...agggh, I'll eat him :)


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ronandwhit said...

I love that Keaton is wearing his "BOO" shirt on Christmas Day! Daddies don't pay attention to things like that :). Have a safe trip to VA. Merry Christmas!!!

OBrian said...

Yeah, lovin' the shirt! It makes me smile.
Hope you guys had a great Christmas and a safe trip!

Joanna said...

Aw how cute! Sounds like you had a great Christmas!