15 Months!

We had Keaton's 15 month appointment this morning! I can't believe it! Time is just flying by.

His stats:
22lbs. 12oz. (we weighed him at 23.5 the other day, but whatever) (25%)
32.5 inches long (Which cracks me up that it's the 90%!)
and his head is 46.4cm (30%) I didn't think much about it then, but I called back when we got home to make sure that was OK (the child is DEFINITELY learning and taking in EVERYthing around him!) The nurse said it was fine and he has showed steady growth throughout his (short) life and that his head "fit his body" (she even laughed and said something about him not having an 80% head on his 25% body...or the other way around) :) She said Dr. Wilson would definitely have said something if there was cause for concern.

We saw a new dr. today and pre-appt. I was NOT excited. However, I think that she will be the only one we see from here on out! She was awesome! I was all ready to hear how concerned she was over his weight and she kept commenting on how great he was growing (I think she actually LOOKED at the growth chart and read the notes that Michelle, our Lactation Consultant, had written to see all the "trouble" we went through and knew that this weight was perfect and normal for our long, lanky baby) :)

Then it came time for our shots. We did the MMR (which I think he's having a mild reaction to, of course! Just a rash, but a reaction, none the less) and his polio vaccinations. She was totally fine with me delaying the DTaP until 18 months and not getting the Varicella (chickenpox) vaccine. She never asked why, didn't "suggest" another option but instead...Said, "Why don't we go ahead and delay the HepA and Prevnar too..."!!! We like Dr. Wilson!!!! :-D I was looking at switching dr's. for when Benjamin was born, but we may stay if we can see her everytime we need shots!

The funniest part of the appointment: Keaton's favorite word is, "WOW!" And he does use it at the appropriate times :) Well, the way they measure babies at our pedi's office is to have them lie flat (haha) and then mark at the top of their head and bottom of their feet, then pick them up and measure the markings. So, the nurse drew her lines, I picked up Keaton, she pulled out the tape measure and Keaton dropped his jaw and said, "WOW!" The nurse had tears rolling down her face she was laughing so hard!

We were reminded that we need to take him to the dentist (I wish Zach could do that! But I'm sure it'll fall on me...oh, how I HATE the dentist!!!!!)

I was worried that he may be getting an ear infection but Dr. Wilson said they were the best looking ears she'd seen all day (I'm sure, haha!) She did, finally manage to get him to open his mouth (the child whose mouth is never shut!) And confirmed that he does indeed have more teeth coming in. I lied previously in my blog when I said he got tooth #11 (sorry readers!) but he is officially getting tooth #11 (molar #4) as we speak. She also saw that the two "incisors" (not the fangs, but the next ones in, haha!) on the bottom will be here soon too (which will make him even and me happy! haha)

He ran all over the exam room and even said some words for her!

He hated the shots (who likes them?!!) and screamed bloody murder but still gave the nurse a high-five on the way out :)

He said hi to all the kids in the waiting room on the way out and even said, "Baby" to a little one in a carseat and screamed when I wouldn't let him touch her (she was in the "sick" area, haha!)

I managed to get another look at molar #4 when we got home and all 4 points are sitting there ready to poke through, so I figure this time tomorrow, we'll have a molar...and we'll be getting this boy some steak! (Yum yum!) :)

Funny story (probably only to us!) Last night before Keaton went to bed, we were getting the last bits of energy out and he ran over to his "book case." He held his hands out (palms facing up) and looked over his books and said, "WOW!" and proceeded, for the next couple of minutes to pull out 2-3 books at a time, saying, "Wow! Wow!" each time!!! I love this kid!!!

Ok, I think that's all the stories for today. He was up a lot last night, crying out in pain (now we know why!) and I was up every hour with bathroom breaks or contractions. He's down for a nap and I'm going to try to do the same!

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