36/6 weeks and a new hair cut!

Well, I'm officially full term tomorrow (DO NOT get any wise ideas Mr. Benjamin Cai Jones! You have NOT been served eviction papers!!!!) I finally remembered to do some more tummy shots today (With Keaton, I remembered almost every week, I'm doing horrible this time!) The first picture is 36 weeks and 3 days with Keaton, the second is from today (36 wks, 3 days) I feel like I was bigger last time (Does this mean that Benjamin could be...gasp! SMALLER! than Keaton?! Oh, how I hope! haha!)

(36/3 with Keaton)

(36/6 with Benjamin)

I also got to have some "me" time and get my hair cut today. It was SO nice, not only to have about 2.5-3 inches just chopped off, but to get "out" (I don't do that for myself as often as I should!) and I got to visit with a sweet mommy friend from church while she had fun chopping off all that hair! Because my hair is SO baby fine, I can't really do much to it, but, a cut was much needed. She asked what I wanted, I said, "You have free reign!!!! Just make sure I can still pull it back!" She agreed and went to town :) None of these are really good shots of the cut but, It's definitely shorter! It feels GREAT! I love it! Zach loves it! And I won't look so scruffy in Saturday's pictures!

Me & my sweet boy!

He had a stinky...and was tired of me holding him ;-)

Like Mama, like son (ie: the bellies, haha!!!) He'll miss his "perch"
**And no, we don't have any living room curtains - Ideas anyone???**

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Angela said...

I love your hair cut!! And I love you're belly pics... too cute! And tell Benjamin I'm rootin for Aug. 15! :)

Phronsie said...

You're so cute! :)

We got our curtains from Wal*Mart 'cos I stink at sewing and DH works too much to do sewing, LOL! They were like, $15 for two curtains... Other than thrift shopping I dunno... If I knew what kind of stuff you liked I could look around here and see if I couldn't find you something... I have a hat for Keaton, somewhere, I need to send anyway, LOL!