What Keaton has been up to

I hate writing in the middle of the day because it's inevitable that as soon as I post, something hilarious/amazing/post worthy will happen and then I'll feel silly for posting twice in one day. However, today is an exception. I'm forcing myself to "rest" while Keaton rests so I don't end up having Benjamin! haha!
Every night my mom asks what Keaton did "new" that day. Pretty much, he does something new everyday. It's usually a new word or a sign. Yesterday took the cake though!
He started "reading" to us! It's absolutely hysterical! Yes, the book is upside down. Yes, he read it backwards. And yes, he's just jabbering. BUT! He's holding a book, turning pages, pointing to the pictures and talking along with each page. I was crying I was laughing so hard as he "read" to Zach yesterday before bed. I wish I had gotten it on video :)
I'm so excited because he's finally sitting still long enough to listen to a book. He is SO stinkin' active! I don't know where he gets this energy! (Probably a normal amount of energy, just not for a 37 week pregnant woman!) We used to only get some quality reading in immediately after his nap, but in the past month, he'll bring me a stack of books and have me read through them all. over. and. over. and. over. ;-) He DEFINITELY gets his love for books from his daddy :)
He's very good with communicating (either pointing, signing, or "saying") what he'd like, however, there is one word that he repeats and I have NO idea what it means...what it refers to..."Guh." He will stand here and scream in my face, "GUH!! GUH!!! GUH!!!!" And today, I was on the brink of tears! I wanted to look at him, like I did with my pre-schoolers and say, "Use your words..." He IS! I just don't get what they are! haha! :) He finally got fed up with me and went and sat in the chair and kept saying, "guh" over and over...I said, "Book?" And put a couple books in front of him. He clapped! And I was too excited! Guh = book! And then he opened a book, pointed to a dolphin and said, "Guh!" Maybe guh means "look"? sigh...It means SOMEthing! Any ideas?
We did indeed get the referral for the chiro for Keaton! (Not for a small butt cheek, but the foot and ear issue) :) So, we both go tomorrow!
I think the biggest for us is that Keaton is finally signing (correctly!) "eat." Zach would bring him into bed with us in the mornings and when he was done playing/dozing, he'd sign some combination of more/again and point to the door (to the dining room). We kept signing "eat" (the correct way) and he'd keep signing it his way. I think it was Sunday morning he actually signed "eat" the way it should be signed! Now, he'll sign his eat and then the "real" eat! Crazy kid :)
We're also having a fun time with discipline. ;-) This week has been a fairly good week (minus a very long Monday!) One "tactic" we've been using is when he's near something he shouldn't be, to say, "Keaton. No sir. Walk away." When Zach first started this, I just laughed to myself thinking, "Yeh right. Like THAT'S going to work!" Well, sure enough, it's working (don't think this is THE CURE ALL to discipline! We have LOTS of hand and leg smacks! Lots of tears, from Keaton and mommy! And lots of "NO SIR's" throughout our days!) but, with the repetition, "Walk away" has worked surprisingly well!!
Well, Keaton is up from a very short nap (20 minutes), thanks all in part to the neighbors above us and their loud bass. So, off to write a letter to them and management (since this isn't the first time it's happened and I'm sure, not the last) and so much for my "resting"!

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