Big Day at the Chiro!

Well, for starters, I really need to learn WHEN I need to see my chiro! On Fridays, they close at 12. Around 11am, I thought, "Maybe I should go in, just to get through the weekend..." by 1pm, I was almost in tears due to my pain! ...in as little words as possible - it was a LONG weekend! I still don't quite understand how it's all connected and whatnot - I do know it feels amazing and, once again, I'll say it - I SO regret not going while pregnant with Keaton!

We also had Keaton evaluated today. I don't think he quite knew what to think of it all.

**Let me take this opportunity to say that my chiro specializes in pregnant women and children (newborns on up) and uses only the gentlest of touches. If I had any inkling that what she was going to do would hurt Keaton, I would not take him. I researched before taking him in and had a long discussion with her about what exactly she would do with my child before I even considered a simple evaluation.**

So, the first thing she said, "Has his right foot always turned in?" I looked at her, "It turns in?!" ((NOT the best way to ask a very pregnant, very hormonal mommy! haha!)) She pointed it out to me and sure enough, it turns it (nothing drastic, but quite possibly enough to get a referral from the pedi for our insurance! haha!)

The next thing she did was lay him on his tummy and move his legs. His left leg has full range of motion. His right leg does not (again, NOTHING life threatening!)

She asked if she could pull down his diaper to check his hips ... um, baby butt cheeks out, OF COURSE! haha! She then pointed out how his right cheek is...get ready - SMALLER than his left!!! I couldn't stop laughing, but she explained this was all due to the misalignment of his right side (I don't think we'll get a referral a small butt cheek though!) ;-)

She felt up and down his spine and behind his ears and asked if he had any troubles nursing on one side or the other. I couldn't really remember as his was a great nurser until I got pregnant. But she mentioned that his right "atlas" was off (I quoted that word, because I don't think it's the correct word!) She asked if he had a lot of ear infections, thankfully, he's only had one - in his right ear, but whenever he's teething, he pulls on...you got it, the right ear!

She said a lot of the "atlas" issues happen with c-section babies because of the way they're pulled out during a section (again, ANOTHER reason to avoid it!)

So she did a very gentle massage on his neck and back (and I was VERY jealous! haha!) He didn't like it so much (he's never liked infant massage, so I knew that wouldn't go over well)

She warned me that sometimes adjustments on young children cause hyperactivity...he's been passed out in the crib for an hour now. He didn't make it home ;-)

I called the pedi about the referral and I'm waiting for a call back and we'll see if we get it! The pedi may want to look him over, especially the foot issue, before issuing the referral, but we shall see!

OK, back to my part of the visit. Dr. Davis has been doing the Webster Technique on me - basically all I feel is her pressing her thumb into my tummy, but she's really (in a round about way) loosening the ligaments of my uterus to make more room for Benjamin to get him turned in the correct position. So today, after she pops my back, she feels my tummy to make sure he's head down (little stinker was transverse/sideways ALL weekend and decides this morning to go head down!) and the first thing she says is, "WOW! He's dropped!" Yes - she did see me waddle to the bathroom like a flippin' penguin, but, he has definitely dropped some! He's gearing up for his grand entry into the world! In roughly 19 days!!!!

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