Busy Weekend

My mom came in town this past weekend to help us out a bit with some more Benjamin-prep :) She got in Saturday morning and we went out to lunch and then camera shopping. Then Zach took Keaton home for a nap and she I did some more fun shopping!

Sunday, we went to church and lunch and then Zach & I headed to UNC for our hospital tour - His ONLY time driving to UNC before I'm in labor! (No pressure! haha!) I think he feels pretty good about the drive and keeps repeating his mantra, "540 to 40 to 54 to 15-501....540 to 40 to 54 to 15-501..." I love it! :) I was pretty coherent while in labor with Keaton, I think I'll be able to help him on this adventure as well.

We had our tour of the hospital, labor and delivery and postpartum rooms, although the rooms are smaller, it seems nicer than where I delivered before (minus the parking garage, haha!)

So the countdown continues - roughly 26 days. And yes, I'm freaking out! And once, again, Zach has the cool-head between the two of us! I remember driving to the hospital in labor with Keaton - not talking about the pain of contractions or how hungry I was (though, I think I commented as we drove past the Dunkin' Donuts and Baskin Robbin's that the combo of the two sounded great! haha) but saying, "WHAT are we doing?! We're having a baby!" (And Zach commenting, "It's going to be awesome!!!") And now I'm saying, "We're having 2?!?! What are we doing?!?" But in actuality, I can't WAIT to lay my eyes on this sweet boy who can't seem to figure out how to get his precious little feet out of my ribs!

Benjamin's room is still a disaster, so we need him to wait a bit longer before he can arrive! (and we have to get his diapers ordered & prepped too!!!) I'm perfetly content with him waiting as long as possible!

The only plan we have for the week is a chiro appt. for me on Wednesday morning! I'm SO glad to finally, after about a month of multiple doctor's visits a week, to have a calm week! Hopefully in the midst of this calmness I can get some work done on Benjamin's room...and REST! :) Which I can't seem to get enough of in these last weeks. I'm definitely more tired than I was with Keaton and I'm getting much less sleep (even when we go to bed at 830 at night...I still take forever to fall asleep and wake up more often than a person ever should!)

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Phronsie said...

LOL! So does that mean that the 30th is ok now? ;)