Molar #4, Tooth #11...for real this time!

I promise! 3 out of 4 of the points are sticking up, Keaton is well into his second nap of the day, he's running a slight fever, won't take his hand out of his mouth, won't stop screaming, won't eat and...well, another indication also gave it away, but I'll spare the details ;-) We'll just say I'm doing diapers again tonight ;-)

It's been a long day, followed by a long night. He woke up multiple times screaming in pain last night, so I knew it'd either be today or tomorrow that a tooth pooped through.

The only time he was happy today was at the chiro. He LOVES Dr. Davis about as much as I do! :)

We have a new toy in our house (no - Benjamin did not make an early arrival!) Zach bought me/us ;-) an "iPod docking station" so now I havev speakers for my iPod and can play music all day! Keaton loves it! (Yes, I COULD play this music on my laptop, but, an iPod docking station is way better...for some reason!) ;-) But he is definitely loving (and fascinated by!) the speakers and the music coming out of it (he liked the music on my laptop, but, he can stand in front of this and watch the little screen) ;-)

Nothing new to report, just a busy week filled with appointments and trying to finish some more unpacking. It's been raining all day today, so other than the chiro, preparing dinner and unloading the dishwasher, not much else has been done :) Keaton's napping a lot, due to the rough night, and for some reason, that's what he does the day teeth come in!, so I'm just resting & putting my feet up :) ((are you proud of me Zach???))

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