Our "free" photo session

Well, we went to Sears today for our free photo session. It started off terribly. I tried to get Keaton down for a nap beforehand and he wouldn't have it. While we were walking through Sears to get to the portrait studio, we noticed that the "Register for a FREE session" boxes were still out. We stopped to see what all we'd be getting. The box read:

Enter for a chance to win a free 30x30 collage!!!!
Everyone who enters will receive a FREE photo session and FREE 8x10

My winning week went down the toilet...We didn't WIN anything! I've had to keep telling myself that if we hadn't put our name in the box, we wouldn't even have a free 8x10! So, we kept on walking...

We get there, they take us into the room...

Keaton starts SCREAMING! I think he thought we were going to drop him off or something (too much like the nursery at church? I don't know!)

Well, we got through the session...all 12 pictures (I think the girl was really irritated that we couldn't get him to stop crying...)

The pictures were OK. (I've seen WAY better...cough JENNY cough!!!!!) ;-)

This is probably TOTALLY "illegal" but without sending EVERYONE who reads this the link, this is the only way I know to share the pictures! Don't we look all hokey in our blue, white and khaki! ;-)













Well, we got home and Keaton CRASHED (after a chick-fil-a lunch at the food court!) for a good 2 hours! And then played hard the rest of the day!

And that was pretty much our day...

Except, I just remembered that Zach went and got my oil changed...and (I LOVE our Saturn dealership, they put a carnation on your dash before you leave...) my flower is still in my car...probably dead :( Oh well...

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ronandwhit said...

At least it was free! Which picture did you choose for the 8x10?