The Chronicles of UNC Healthcare, Visit #3

Well, today was a "special" appointment. Since I'm desiring a VBAC, I had to meet with one of the OB's at UNC to go over the risks, tell me about special monitoring they "have" to do while I'm in labor and sign some paper work saying I understood these risks (ie: We won't sue them should something go wrong) I'd already done this at the beginning of this pregnancy at my previous OB's office, but, that doesn't count apparently!

But, it wouldn't be a UNC trip without an adventure, would it?

So we start off (early, this time!) then I remember that I need money for the parking garage. Cash is NOT something Zach and I ever carry! So, I stopped at a Rite-Aid, bought a bottle of water and got $10 cash back.

We get onto the BUSY interstate and when I had a chance, I turned my head to check on Keaton - He's got his arm out of his car seat strap!!! So I had to pull over and fix that...getting back on to I-40 was NOT fun!

Then, I wanted Keaton to have lunch BEFORE the appointment (so he'd be happier and so he's nap on the way home!) I knew the only thing at our exit was a Hardee's and I was NOT stopping there. So 2 exits before ours, there's a McD's, so I get off and drive and drive...can't find it, so I get back on the interstate and head on. The next exit there was a Burger King and a chick-fil-a. I opted for the BK...until I saw it was a mile away. The Chick-Fil-a was only .4 miles. So, we splurged for lunch!

We got to UNC campus...and there it was. The parking garage. My palms were sweating. I was SO nervous. I kept saying "level 2...level 2" over and over - Level 2 is where the skywalk is and that way we don't have to take the elevator! Level 2 was of course PACKED. So, my next choice was 3D (that's easy to remember!) Well, apparently, EVERY one thinks so. So I had to park on 3C.

Now that I had successfully parked inside the parking garage and spotted the elevator my nervousness shifted to Keaton and how he was going to act during the appointment. I came prepared with lots of snacks, a couple books and some toys (normally I just have the food!)

My appointment was scheduled for 1130am. We got there at 1125am! Woohoo! However, as I watched the clock slowly tick towards 12noon, my excitement dwindled! At 1205pm, Keaton started to rub his eyes and suck his thumb...I was starting to fear the worst.

At 1215pm, the nurse FINALLY called my name and we went back to the room. At this point I took Keaton out of his stroller and held him (while sitting in front of a mirror...there was ANOTHER baby in the room! haha!)

Dr. Murno (I think was his name? I don't know...and I think he MIGHT have been 12 years old!) came in and was immediately fascinated with Keaton. Keaton called him daddy and I had to say that, no, this wasn't daddy, we'd see daddy soon! haha! He was a really nice doctor and he immediately could tell I'd done my research and this meeting was simply a formality. He asked if I had any questions and had me sign the paper work (while he played with Keaton, who had taken a fond liking to him!)

We headed back towards the parking garage (Keaton back in his stroller without a fuss!) Made our way to 3C, found the car, and Keaton started shaking his head and saying, "no...no...no" poor kid had just spent the past couple of hours strapped into something!

I was elated once I got him in the carseat and the stroller in the trunk! I knew all that was left was to get OUT of the parking garage and home!

Both happened successfully!

I did it! I made a UNC trip by myself!!! :) I'm rather proud of myself - but WAY more proud of Keaton! He did awesome! And if I felt like staying up until midnight tonight, I'd TOTALLY give him an ice cream sundae with the works! He deserves it!!!!!

I go back next Wednesday for a regular appointment with one of the midwives. I think after that I go weekly and before we know it, we'll be welcoming sweet Benjamin into the world!!!

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