The Chronicles of UNC Health Care, Visit 2 (and other ramblings)

It went MUCH better today than last visit! My mom graciously came down to "assist" (ie: make sure I didn't freak out!) Other than being 10 MINUTES LATE everything was fine!!

We got there, no problems, found a parking spot relatively easy, found the correct sky walk and proudly, amidst the hustle & bustle of the Women & Children's Hospital, made our way to Floor 1, Clinic B!

I found out today, as I REALLY had to go to the bathroom again, that they only ask for a "sample" if your BP is high! What a great thing to know (Great to know that if I happen to be on time or...GASP! EARLY! I can go to the bathroom!)

I met a different midwife today. I liked her (not as much as the last one, she had a gruff-grandma presence about her)

And I also learned...they STILL have yet to receive my files from my previous OB!!! She was livid (as was I!)

At my chiro appt. yesterday, Benjamin was transverse again (sideways) and so she (the chiro) wanted the midwife to check today - she started to feel down his body and said, "He is...WOAH! Head down!" (in other words, "How did you walk here?" haha!) I'm measuring right on (roughly 34 weeks) and the heartbeat was nice and strong :)

Tomorrow, we head out to Zach's parents for the weekend. It'll be a nice little (last with one baby) get away. I'm looking forward to floating in the pool and relieving late-pregnancy aches & pains that no chiro., no amount of sleep, just HAVING a baby, can get rid of! My mom took me to Target and we found a super cute maternity bathing suit (that *almost* makes me want to be pregnant in the summer again - but as soon as I feel the heat, I remember that I do NOT!)

And then we had a fabulous dinner at Outback where Keaton befriended everyone in sight and turned some frowns upside down :)

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Phronsie said...

Yeah, I don't really want to be pregnant in summer... My poor mom, I was born in December so she was in the morning sickness phase during summer... Almost as uncomfortable (I know that one!).

Justin, Chandra, Madelyn and Catharine Martin said...

I loved reading your blog about going to UNC. I had Catharine there, not to mention I was on bedrest there for 3 months! Love that place. You will be in great hands. But, why are you going there?? Are you high-risk, or is it b/c you wanted a mid-wife? Just curious! Fun keeping up with you guys :)