4th of July Weekend

We had a very relaxing and very fun weekend! We got to head home to VA, to Zach's parents and enjoy some fun there (especially in the pool!)

Since Zach worked late every day last week (long story), he got off at noon on Thursday (he had Friday off) and we headed out of town!

We got to his parents in time to swim a bit and have dinner.

Friday was a day of relaxing (for me! haha!)

Saturday, my mom, Zach's grandmother and her in-home helper came down to grill out for dinner.

Today was church (including comment after comment of how I look like I'm about to pop...when really, I know this is only the beginning of the "bigness"...and I'm REALLY not that big!) and some more pool fun and then we headed back to NC.

It was nice to return home. Nice to know we'll be back on a schedule, however, dreading the dr's. visits this week! I go to the chiro on Tuesday (I'm hoping to change this to tomorrow though!) and Keaton has his 15 month check up (I hope they call b/c I totally don't remember the time!) Wednesday, I have the fabulous appointment at UNC w/ an OB who will go over the "risks" of a VBAC with me and then Friday, back to the chiro. Whew!

This weekend, Zach's parents will be back in town. Zach will be leading worship at church on Sunday and so they'll be coming to hear him.

The following weekend, my mom is coming to help out for a bit. We have our hospital tour at UNC that Sunday afternoon and she's going to graciously watch Keaton while Zach learns how to get to the hospital (his ONLY trip there before I'm in labor!!! haha!)

Ok...now what everyone wants to see - The pictures :)

Reading (an apparently HILARIOUS! book) with papa!

My busy boy :)

My new favorite picture :)

Zach pointed out a bug to Keaton. He thought it was awesome. Keaton pointed it out to me. I said, "ew." Keaton turned to Zach and made his "ew" face!

Silly papa!

Zach's dad jumped off the diving board and swam the length of the pool and "boo'd" Keaton. Keaton thought it was (once again) HYSTERICAL!

He loves his papa!

Our Olympic Swimmer in the making!

Having fun with daddy

Watch out Olympians!

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