Grandma Susan and Papa come to visit!

Zach's leading worship today at church and his parents came into town to hear him play. They also, graciously, took Keaton for a bit yesterday so Zach and I could get working on Benjamin's room. In the midst of the move, B's room became the junk room. If I didn't have a place for something, his room is where it went...It's coming together quite nicely now though! :)

In the morning, they took Keaton to the Seminary to walk around and blow bubbles and to a fruit stand.

In the afternoon, they took him over to Mark & Meagan's to play in the baby pool with Karis so Zach and I could get a bit more done and have a date night (probably the last with only one kiddo!) We went to our favorite Japanese restaurant around here, Kanki and completely STUFFED ourselves :)

Here are some pictures from the weekend...

Benjamin's room before we got started...

Poor kid! ;-)

Keaton & Karis

Keaton made Eric read The Wheels on the Bus about 4 times! (Welcome to my day!)

So sweet!

We found Keaton's old Bumbo seat & he threw a fit until we let him sit in it...

"my dad is the man!"

It looks even better than this, but I thought I had a picture of that, haha!

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