35ish week appointment & I'm a toelacker

I had an appointment Wednesday (there is a HILARIOUS story that goes before this, however, we have a phone call to make before I can post it....Stay tuned though!)

I made it to UNC, no problems and EARLY!!! We didn't have to run across the skywalk (and I got to park on the appropriate level!) or down the sidewalk or anything! And it was actually a good thing because there were about 8 women in line when I got there.

BP and weight were fine. Benjamin's heart rate was right where it needed to be. And according to Deb (the midwife) he's in "perfect position" (PLEASE stay there!!!) We joked about how that explained why I couldn't walk "right" (ie: I waddle like a penguin) He's very low and she said that if I were to go into labor right now, he'd just slide right out (which would be nice, however...we need him to bake one more week for those lungs to develop nice and strong!!!)

She then got very serious and we had "the talk" - when to call and when to come in. Thankfully, with Keaton there was no question. I KNEW without a doubt that it was time (9 hours later we finally met our sweet pea! haha! Hopefully my time will be a bit shorter this go round!)

She said that if I experience ANYthing (and continued to emphasize ANYthing) out of the ordinary (what about pregnancy/labor/childbirth is ordinary?! haha) to call immediately if at night, if during the day, just come on in (I have a 45-60 minute drive, I'll probably give them the courtesy of a phone call on my way, haha!) since I'm a "toelacker" they're going to pay special attention to me. I said, "I'm a who-a-what-a?" She laughed and said again, "A 'toelacker'...you and I call it a VBAC patient...but the hospital doesn't like to say VBAC til it happens...so you're a 'toelacker'....Trial Of Labor After Cesarean'er...." Gotcha! haha! ((I'm still saying VBAC ;-) ))

As soon as I'm able, I'll be posting the story that I promised... :)

Oh, and I made it back from UNC just fine too...

2 weeks in a row without directions. Because I'm awesome ;-)

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Phronsie said...

LOL @ toelacker... That's silly, true, but silly! Unless you've gone through labor and it was emergency section... Then you've still done the "trial of labor"!