2 New Things! (and one for Zach!) & a plug....

Well, first off, Keaton said his name this morning! I was ever so excited! I turned on the laptop and there's his picture. He usually points and says, "baby" or just claps and squeals in delight of seeing himself/another "little person" and I always say, "That's you! That's Keaton!" Well, after all these mornings, something finally clicked! He pointed and said, "Kea-on!" I said, "That's right sweet pea! That's you! That's Keaton!" He starts BEATING my laptop screaming, "KEA-ON!!! KEA-ON!!!!" crazy kid!

Also, we had another first this afternoon - peanut butter. I'd been putting it off for a ton of reasons - potential allergies, the sugar, the mess ;-) But today, I was craving a PB&J sandwich and knew that I could easily avoid a meltdown if I just gave one to Keaton as well. Apparently, he loves his peanut butter just like his mama! He ate 2 whole sandwiches! (As did I! haha!) And a whole banana! He's been a little picky with his food the past couple of days and I was so excited that he enjoyed this...delicacy ;-)

And finally, Zach is so excited (ok, ok, I am too!) We have cable again! We apparently live a hole now and can't get any channels - in the living room or bedroom. We got our "vouchers" for the digital tuner box things, but we still don't really get anything (I almost had to endure 2 hours of Knight Rider last night!) So, Zach made the call and we got the "very basic" package, just so I can watch my news/weather in color (Nothing more annoying than "The Fish" talking about colors representing intensity of storms and you see, white, light gray, medium gray, darker gray, dark gray and black!) The cable guy just handed me the cables and had me sign the paperwork - apparently if you just get The Poor Mans' Package, you have to do all the work yourself (though, I was secretly praying for the Russian's that hooked up our cable last time to return here...we were getting the very basic and they 'opps'ed' and we got a ton of channels for practically nothing!) So, that's the new thing for us too ;-)

I also want to make a plug for a blog I read daily, Prayer of Hannah. Each week they focus on a different topic and this week is vaccinations. Before Keaton was born, I researched a little bit but became very overwhelmed by all the information out there. He got all his shots at the "suggested" time until 1 year when I started to delay them. I plan on doing an even more delayed schedule with Benjamin...one of the readers today that said in 1980, children received 12 shots in the time span they now receive 30+ vaccines (I did a quick google search and did find this info as well) If I wasn't convinced before...

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