Just an update and some pictures :)

Well, let's see. I had a chiro appt today (long overdue...about 5 days! haha!) and I talked with her about what exactly they do for/with children and the benefits. Among many other (awesome) things, regular adjustments on children can help with immune systems, behavior issues and sleep problems! Needless to say, Monday, after mama gets adjusted, Keaton will be getting evaluated and adjusted ;-) (Not that we have any of those problems, haha!) :)

The Benjamin countdown is less than 25 days away (til my due date, I don't expect to go early, nor do I HOPE to!!!) We have so much left to be done! His room is still a disaster and I don't know when and how we're going to get the work done on it that we need to. I can't do it alone because I can't/am not allowed (haha!) to move the boxes/furniture, I can't do it with Keaton because he has his own version of "helping" (which usually isn't helping!) ;-) and when Zach's home after work, that's his time to play with Keaton! Our weekends are just flying by and then, it's Monday again. We may have to enlist a sitter one afternoon this weekend and just finish out that room! (Any takers?!) :)

OK, this is very exciting! The past couple of days have been crazy! I have won two giveaways!!!!

The first, I had registered on this website for a "New Mom" giveaway (technically, not "new" but whatever...they didn't ask for details!) And I won!!!! I won a diaper cake with Seventh Generation diapers, a onesie that reads, "Got my mind on mama and mama on my mind" (LOVE it!), some "business cards", a wall letter (I picked a "B") and a custom diaper bag!!!!! I couldn't believe it!!!

Then the next day (yesterday), my phone rang and it was Sears Portrait Studio. They were calling to inform me I won a "free session"!!! We won't pay sitting fees, and we get a free 8x10. The lady was talking really fast and I didn't catch the other picture sizes, however Zach thinks we get a picture collage! I just made sure we didn't HAVE to pay for anything! hahaha! However, we do have the option (of course!) of buying as much as we'd like from them. So we go Saturday morning at 10am!!!! I can't wait!!!!

Other than that...I can't think of anything else blog-worthy...unless you want to hear about the Orkin man coming today, and that's not a great story ;-)

OH! An update on the cable! We DID indeed get extra channels!!!! Our package was supposed to go to channel 22...however, it goes to 26!!!!!!!!!! Now, to you reading this, that may not mean much, however to us, this is AWESOME!!!! 25 is USA and 26 is TNT - the two channels that show Law & Order ALL the time!!!! How perfect!!!!

OK, now what everyone wants :)

Can you see how proud Zach is that Keaton loves the laptop (I had FINALLY gotten Keaton to "stop" touching the laptop...it's been a long week already re-training him! haha!)

I'd like to point out the "speed" at which Keaton is typing (he got that from me, thank you!) ;-)

Notice Zach's "laughing/concerned" expression..."What did you do, son?!"

Keaton turning away from Zach's feet ;-)

Saturday morning, we made blueberry pancakes for breakfast. Keaton LOVED them!

My smiley boy!! (This was NOT taken today! haha!)

99.9% chance he was squealing in this picture ;-)

Keaton's new favorite "hiding" spot...Yeh, some nice cabinets and maybe even a drawer would look AWESOME right there! Oh well :) Makes a great play spot for my two favorite guys :)

Bad picture of Keaton. Awesome shirt... "Keep Your Sunny Side Up" hahaha, LOVE it!

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Phronsie said...

LOL! I love the "stinky feet" face... That's funny, it made me really LOL! I'd totally babysit if I lived anywhere near you! I'm pretty sure Keaton and Xavi would have a blast together...