Watermelon in the trunk


OK, here is the promised story.

I thought long and hard about "where" in this story to begin...and I think I've got it down :)

Wednesday, at 1pm (1pm in North Carolina = VERY hot) we (Keaton & I) started walking to the car to head to my midwife appointment. Before we even reached the car, I smelled something gross. My first thought was that the apartment dumpsters needed to be emptied. Well, I opened the car, and I almost fell over. The smell was AWFUL! Now, my thought was, "Zach was in such a hurry to get to praise band practice last night, he forgot to put the trash in the dumpster." (Therefore, my anger has gone from the apartment property manager, to my sweet husband!)

I go to put Keaton in the carseat and he's shaking his head screaming, "NO NO NO" (not because he didn't want to be in his carseat...but because of the smell!!) I opened all the doors to let it air out for a minute and then pop the trunk. Imagine my surprise when I see a moldy, dried up half of a WATERMELON!

My thoughts went to Tuesday morning when we went to the library and it smelled like something was baking in my car (not something good!) and then to Monday morning when I went to the chiro. and there was this faint ...stench.

So, luckily, for a ton of reasons, I carry about 8 billion plastic grocery bags in my trunk. I drive over to the dumpster (which smelt GREAT in comparison to my car!) and manage to get this watermelon into the dumpster using the bags (so I never really had to touch it) - and then I used half a bottle of hand sanitizer to make myself feel better!

I immediately send Zach a text asking WHY there was a dried up moldy half of a watermelon in my trunk. His response, "That's what that smell is..." He noticed it when he took my car to practice Tuesday night AND NEVER INVESTIGATED!!!!!!

I drove down Capital Blvd. with the windows down, but as soon as we get on the interstate, I had to roll them up or else Keaton would fly out the window!

The smell was "getting better" (ie: I was getting used to it!)

Then, I finally remember why there could possibly be a watermelon in my trunk...

SATURDAY MORNING Zach's parents took Keaton for a while so we could get some work done on Benjamin's room (which became the storage room during the move!) They took him to the Seminary to run around and then went to the local Farmer's Market and bought us a ton of fruit...apparently a watermelon also! (which I don't know if I'm more irritated over the fact my car REEKS or I didn't get to eat the watermelon, haha!)

So, we go to my appointment and I leave the windows cracked on the car and that helped a little bit....

Dinner time - Zach and I both had a Taco Bell craving (ok, I had it and I talked him into having one too) so we decide to go there for dinner...

When we came out of Taco Bell, Zach said we needed to stop at Kroger and get some Arm & Hammer. So he runs in and comes out with Island Mist scented baking soda :)

He worked on my car off and on for almost 2 hours trying to get the smell out of it that night!

As of Thursday night, the trunk smells OK. He took a cup and poured some of the A&H stuff in it and left it in the cup holder, but he's going to have to re-do the interior because now it just smells like sweaty socks or something.

Ugh! It was awful!

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Febreeze....I know I spelt it totally wrong, but it works like a charm! And Oust....but frebreez is better.